SoFly Explore UK Pack 1 Now Available

3 months ago

A new product from SoFly has launched allowing simmers to discover new UK cities.

The pack includes fully-voiced audio tours for the following UK Cities:

  • Bristol
  • Brighton
  • Eastbourne
  • London
  • Portsmouth
  • Southampton

Immerse yourself in the excitement of flight as you explore the vibrant streets and stunning landscapes of London, Brighton, Bristol, Eastbourne, Portsmouth and Southampton. As you fly over each city, you’ll receive audio descriptions of famous landmarks, giving you unique insights into their history and significance.

Each discovery city within Explore: UK features authentic audio descriptions of 20 landmarks, points of interest or significant locations. In total, you will learn facts about 120 of the UK’s most cultural and exciting places. Combine Explore: UK with the free United Kingdom World Update to get up-to-date imagery, landmarks and accurate placements.

You can buy it from SoFly or from OrbxDirect for £5.99 / $11.95AUD.

Coming soon to the in-sim Market place for PC and Xbox.



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