BRsimDesigns Releases E121A1-Xingu II for MSFS

3 months ago

BRsimDesigns has released its E121A1-Xingu II for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

From their product page:

The EMB121A1-Xingu is a twin-turboprop fixed-wing aircraft built by the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, Embraer. The design is based on the EMB 110 Bandeirante, using its wing and engine design merged with an all-new fuselage.

SIMMARKET Product Page

You can buy the E121A1-Xingu II for Microsoft Flight Simulator from SIMMARKET for €18.00.


– 8 Liveries (Including two Brazilian Air Force and two French Air Force liveries)
– Detailed external model
– Detailed cockpit model
– Detailed 3D instruments
– Detailed 4K and 8K textures
– Detailed passenger cabin

– KAP140 Autopilot
– GSN530 GPS (Working Title GSN530 necessary)
– PMS50 GTN750 (Externally Integrated)
– Custom NAV/COM/DME/ADF/Transponder panels
– Weather Radar (limited by API)

Warning System:
– Custom integrated warning system

Anti-Stall system:
– Stick Shaker
– C.A.A (AOA Control System)

– Custom coded AC system (With auto and manual control)
– Custom coded pressurization system (With ventilation and pressurization mode)

– Controls: Chocks, GPU, doors, weight and fuel

– MSFS checklist menu
– EFB checklist page
– PDF checklist

MSFS Effects:
– MSFS icing effects
– MSFS particle effects

Customizations (Controlled by EFB):
– Airplane Registration (With the exception of Air Force liveries)
– 2 glareshield options (New and Old)
– 2 panel color options (Blue and Beige)
– Fuel Panel Indicator (Magnetic indicator or Lights)
– Shades for the cockpit side windows
– Baggage objects shown according to the loaded baggage weight
–  WT GNS530 and PMS50 GTN750
– Save and autoload system for customizable options

– Custom cockpit flood light
– Custom passenger cabin light
– Custom glareshield light
– Custom and individual spot lights for every instrument
– Custom landing, taxi, nav, beacon and inspection light

Custom Sounds:
– Knobs
– Switches
– Warning
– Autopilot
– Stick Shaker
– Oxygen Test
– Fuel Pumps
– Engine Ignition

– This add-on is not study level. However, normal operations are simulated.
– It is recommended to start the airplane in Cold And Dark state.
– It is recommended to load fuel and weight using the EFB.
– Not tested for Virtual Reality (VR)



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