Cartayna Files GSX Pack 5 Released

3 months ago

Developer Cartayna Files has released its fifth GSX pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It covers a bunch of airports and adds realistic profiles to the following:

  1. CYHZ: FSim Studios.
  2. EDFH: RF Scenery Building.
  3. EGKK: Origami.
  4. EINN: MK Studios.
  5. KAUS: Dominic Design Team.
  6. KPHL: MK Studios.
  7. KSAN: Latin VFR.
  8. LFRS: Jet Stream.
  9. LICJ: Jet Stream.
  10. TJSJ: Latin VFR.

You can buy it from OrbxDirect or SIMMARKET for around 10 Euros.



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