Heatblur Simulations DCS: F-4E Nearing Release

Heatblur Simulations highly anticipated F-4E is getting closer to release.

Posted: 15-Aug-2023 @ 00:16z
Heatblur Simulations DCS: F-4E Nearing Release

Heatblur Simulations recently took to their Facebook page to share the exciting news that the development of their long-awaited F-4E for DCS is nearing the finish line. The team also alluded to some of their other upcoming projects.

The McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom was the most widely produced variant of the famous F-4 Phantom II family, with 1,370 aircraft built. With a top speed of 1,485 MPH and upgraded engines and electronic systems, it’s no wonder that the F-4E became a popular and dependable jet. The first F-4E was delivered to the United States Air Force in 1967, and interestingly, the aircraft flew for the United States Air Force Thunderbirds from 1969-1974.

In their post, the Heatblur Simulations team stated that they are in the “last miles” of the development process and are working tirelessly to get the aircraft ready for release as soon as possible. While the aircraft’s development has been a lengthy process, the team is ensuring that their F-4E will be the most accurate and system-rich depiction of the aircraft. Currently, the team is focused on the finishing touches of the more complex systems, like Jester 2.0, and ensuring the aircraft performs as expected on launch day.

Besides the F-4E, the team has said they will provide upcoming information about the release of the F-14 for MSFS and updates for the DCS: F-14, Viggen, and other products that are expected to release this year. For now, the team is focused on providing tangible results before sharing this new information.

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