Got Friends F4F Wildcat Previews

A few more previews of Got Friends’ upcoming warbird.

Posted: 21-Aug-2023 @ 06:52z
Got Friends F4F Wildcat Previews

After the announcement two weeks ago that Got Friends’ F4F Wildcat is making a surprise return, a few more previews of the upcoming warbird have appeared over on the MSFS forums.

The first preview, a video by the user R4microds, shows the plane from an angle just outside of the canopy undergoing the unfortunate fate of a crash landing. Luckily this appears to be one that the pilot might walk away from though, as the plane crashes rather gracefully and you can see the bent props of the plane as it comes to a halt. This video was followed up by a preview image from another user, DigitialJonx, who is one of the developers on the Got Friends team. His Wildcat seems to have undergone the same fate as the previous user.

Yet another video, shared over on Discord, shows the plane in a more natural habitat as it unfolds its wings and takes off from Midway atoll.

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