Flight Sim Labs’ Concorde For P3D Released

The long awaited supersonic jet is now available for $79.95USD

Posted: 15-Aug-2023 @ 22:43z
Updated: 16-Aug-2023 @ 05:42z
Flight Sim Labs’ Concorde For P3D Released

The long awaited supersonic Concorde jet-liner from Flight Sim Labs has been released for P3D V5.

The release comes just 6 days after the release candidate of the plane was pushed out to testers at the end of last week, and following over 3 years of development and marketing.

According to the company’s website, the Concorde for P3D pushes the boundaries of desktop flight simulation further than ever. It is built using a wholly new visual model, and brings an intriguing new virtual crew system (VCS) into the fore. The VCS will handle the roles of first office and flight engineer for you, meaning that you as the captain can focus on the flying.

The Concorde for P3D also includes a completely new sound set captured from the original Olympus 593 MKII engines sported by the Concorde. Authentic recordings from the aircraft’s final year of service have been obtained by the team to create the sound set, which includes the hum of gyroscopes, the constant whir of cooling fans, and the subtle undertones of electrical equipment powering the 1960s flight deck.

Also included in the sound set is a sound-cone simulation, which includes the iconic double boom as the aircraft flies at over 20 miles per minute, more than double the speed of sound.

For your $79.95USD (approximately €73 before taxes) you also get over 100 individually crafted Concorde routes to choose from, which are based on real-world data. The Flight Sim Labs team say that this will mean a “thrilling and educational” ride awaits simmers willing to take the plunge with this handful of an airplane.

The Concorde can be puchased on Flight Sim Labs’ website linked here. A full product description from the website is included below.

Product Description / Unique Features

  • Authentic flight model that operates with exceptional fidelity to real-world performance data. The precision of our simulation is showcased by its adherence to a remarkably narrow margin of accuracy. Every aspect, from takeoff to supersonic cruise and landing, mirrors the genuine experience. Immerse yourself in the intricacies of Concorde’s flight dynamics as you navigate within this meticulously calibrated range of real-world performance.
  • Experience an array of special effects that elevate realism: remarkable reheat visuals, dynamic cockpit, cabin, and external lighting with authentic radiance. Daytime lighting dynamically shifts, while wing vortices add to the immersion. Explore a world where cutting-edge effects combine, creating an unparalleled simulation of aviation authenticity.
  • Stay ahead with our advanced VOLMET simulation. Tune in to VHF stations spanning Europe and global HF stations for real-time weather updates within range. Our bespoke Concorde flight maps intricately outline VOLMET stations, empowering you to track weather effortlessly. Stay informed and in control on your Concorde journey.
  • Experience enhanced convenience through external device support for INS and the HP200LX Palmtop Computer, our gateway to the Concorde Planning and Performance System. Seamlessly plan, monitor flights, print route briefings, and pre-file with networks like VATSIM, all from the comfort of your chosen device.
  • Explore a collection of more than 45 authentic Concorde liveries, spanning its 27-year operational history. A distinctive trait of Flight Sim Labs’ Concorde is the interactive effect of aircraft paint on overall skin temperature during supersonic flight. Caution is required; excessively dark-colored wing or fuselage paint choices could
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