AIG Announces Major New Update and Model Updates

AlphaIndiaGroup, or AIG, have announced a major new update for their AI Manager for MSFS.…

Posted: 08-Aug-2023 @ 08:42z
AIG Announces Major New Update and Model Updates

AlphaIndiaGroup, or AIG, have announced a major new update for their AI Manager for MSFS. It has been quite a while since the initial release of AIG’s AI Manager (AIM). The update promises to deliver on some of the feedback that users have been given since the release. AIM will now feature a new and modern user interface, although the team did not share any previews of it in their announcement. The new interface will sport handy new features, such as “quick-buttons“, a status page and a new configuration page. The Preset page and the Model Updates have also been improved. A full changelog can be found at the end of this article.

Model Updates

AIG also announced that they’ve been working on new model updates. Over the last few months a lot of work has gone into bringing all the models up to standard with the latest SDK version which should improve the overall performance.

The AIG team also finally got approval from the FAIB team (FSX AI Bureau) to convert their models to use in MSFS. The first model update will include the A32X aircraft family, as well as the B737 aircraft family and the B767 aircraft family. Current repaints for these aircraft will not work with the newly converted models as the models feature slight modifications. AIM will take care of this process and remove conflicting repaints and offer to fix these.

The model updates have not yet been released, but the team did share that these changes will be coming soon.


  • Added new modern User Interface
  • Added new “Quick-Buttons” for OCI
  • Added new Status-Page for OCI
  • Added new Configuration-Page for OCI
  • Added new Bulk-Installation Window for OCI (incl. Options to pause/stop the process)
  • Added new AIG Model Behavior Library support
  • Improved Preset-Page for OCI
  • Improved Model-Updates for OCI
  • Changed “only load OCI” as new default option
  • Several Bug-fixes
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